Musical Madness (and Science!) – July 27, 2017

Come learn about musical instruments and the science of musical instruments. Dr. Kordesch, our local physics of musical instruments expert will be there. Try your hand at making instruments from a wide range of materials, including a PVC flute, recorder or clarinet as well as other options. We will have special guests this evening. Fulbright Scholars from around the world preparing to start their graduate studies in the United States will join us. In addition to making instruments, we hope to learn a little more about instruments from other countries.

June 22 – Maker Cart Hydraulics, 2017

Come learn about hydraulics with several posssible projects from the Maker Cart, including the ‘Judo-Bot’ pictured here (from and other Hydraulic Arms. Those who are interested can also look at working on previous sail and fan cars.

We meet in Clippinger 036 from 6-8PM on Thursday June 22.

You do not have to have attended any previous sessions to come.

PVC Marshmallow Shooters – Thursday August 4, 2016

Thursday August 4 from 6-8PM we will converge on Clippinger 036 for the last Maker Event of the summer as Larry King and I lead the group in making and modding PVC Air-powered (breath) marshmallow shooters. See the Howtoons site for the initial instructions (

During construction, we will use hacksaws. If your child is uncomfortable with this, we will find someone to help.

There will be target-based testing and potential “live” dodge-marshmallow testing (with safety googles!). If this is an issue, please discuss with your child ahead of time your preferences.