Fuel Cell Cars – Thursday June 30, 2016

The fuel cell demonstration session will teach you to operate a hydrogen fuel cell mainly to run a small car. Fuel cell need hydrogen gas to generate power, so first by using a battery you will split water into hydrogen and oxygen gas. The collected hydrogen and oxygen gas will be used to run the fuel cell. Students will have hands on experience in generating power from fuel cells and they  will compete among each other in a fuel cell car competition.

The session will be conducted by students from the Electrochemical Society Student Chapter.

Polymer Party! June 25, 2015 (date change)

Dr.¬† Shad Paris, the leader of last year’s Fiery Chemistry Workshop, has planned a Polymer Party for the June 25th Maker’s session! (note date change) (6-8PM) Come make nylon and a variety of other materials while you learn about polymers that are all around us! You’ll want to wear closed toe shoes and long pants, preferably. And while it’s not a huge issue, if you have reactions to strong smells, make sure you are prepared. We will be using the hoods. We will gather in Clippinger 194 for an introduction and then head down to the labs. No reservations necessary.