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Marble Run Construction – Thursday July 7

Mr. Larry King will lead us in the creation of marble runs using cardboard and craft sticks. Once complete, the goal is to chain the runs together into one large marble run! This workshop gives us a chance to play around with design and physical making. We will be using hot glue guns, which surprisingly enough, get hot. So please be prepared to be careful!

Fuel Cell Cars – Thursday June 30

The fuel cell demonstration session will teach you to operate a hydrogen fuel cell mainly to run a small car. Fuel cell need hydrogen gas to generate power, so first by using a battery you will split water into hydrogen and oxygen gas. The collected hydrogen and oxygen gas will be used to run the fuel cell. Students will have hands on experience in generating power from fuel cells and they  will compete among each other in a fuel cell car competition.

The session will be conducted by students from the Electrochemical Society Student Chapter.

Makers Starting Up June 2 for 2016

We’re looking to start meeting on Thursdays beginning June 2. We will start with an Arduino Workshop for both beginners and advanced. Makers will meet in Clippinger 035 on the campus of Ohio University. In addition to learning about some neat technology, we’re looking forward to doing some building and physical “making” this summer! Stay Tuned and spread the word!

Open Work Night – July 30, 2015

July 30 will be the last gathering of the summer for the Makers with an  Open Work night in Clippinger 036.  We will have the Arduino Kits available as well as the Makey Makeys. We will also have a couple of tubs of K’Nex and Legos. Scratch will be available online, and we’ll try to have a few other things out to play with. Bring your ideas and projects, work with your friends, or just explore some more!

Summer 2015!

Welcome to a whole new summer of Athens Makers! We are still putting together more solid plans for the summer, but we will start with a two-session Arduino workshop Thursday June 4  and Thursday June 11 from 6-8PM. More Maker plans are in the works, so check back for other plans.

Open Night – August 7, 2014

27 Arduino workshop_FB_cropped

Thursday August 7 – 6-8PM

Clippinger 045

One last evening for anyone who wants to hang out, ask questions, or complete projects. We will have the Legos and K’nex out as well as other projects. If you are working to tune up your CArduino, insectbot, or Arduino project, this is a good time to touch base!

ARIS – Augmented Reality and Game Design – July 31, 2014

Kids Pointing

Thursday July 31 – 6-8PM

Dr. Seann Dikkers
Uniquely, mobile devices can locate a person within a few meters. Unlike many mobile applications, some of them can use location to tell stories and involve the player in location-based games – or augmented reality. This session will introduce you to this genre of digital narratives and we’ll spend most of our time learning to design and make location based interactive adventures. No programming skills are needed, we’ll show you all you need to know to make your own. Bring your own laptop and iOS device if you have them, we’ll have a few extras if you do not

Electronics 101 – July 10, 2014

Thursday July 10 – 6-8PM Clippinger 045
So what’s really going on with these electrical circuits? Mr. Brandon Saunders will lead a hands-on session on Introductory Electronics: What is voltage? Current? How do you use a voltmeter? How do we make motors run? (Voltage Regulators and H-bridges)

This is leading up to CArduino project the following week.

CArduino July 17, 2014

Thursday July 17 – 6-8PM Clippinger 045
We will be assembling a wheeled robot base that can be used with the Arduino. The base and other supplies will be about $25. You can then use your existing Arduino to provide the brains. If you don’t have an Arduino, you can borrow one to try it out.
I have a couple of $25 kits that include an Arduino and breadboard that could be purchased to flesh out the robot if need be.
*** Brandon will need to know Thursday night if you are looking to attend the workshop so that he can order the parts.