July 6 Open Night, 2017

There’s never quite enough time to explore as much as you might want in one evening. Open Night is a chance to go back and explore activities in more depth or try something out from a night you did not make it to. If this is your first time to Makers, that’s not a problem! We’ll have the Maker Cart, Snap Circuits, probably some LEGOS and K’NEX, and maybe even a Makey Makey or two out for people to experiment with! You also never know what other things might pop up at an Open Night!

As normal, we’ll be in Clippinger 036, Ohio University, from 6-8PM.

Open Night – Thursday June 23, 2016

This will be a chance for people to play more with the Arduinos and the 3D printer. I will also have a couple MakeyMakeys out. Bring your ideas and build on what we’ve already learned. If you have not been able to make it to previous sessions, this is a good time to learn some of the things we covered in the first three sessions.

Open Work Night – July 30, 2015

July 30 will be the last gathering of the summer for the Makers with an  Open Work night in Clippinger 036.  We will have the Arduino Kits available as well as the Makey Makeys. We will also have a couple of tubs of K’Nex and Legos. Scratch will be available online, and we’ll try to have a few other things out to play with. Bring your ideas and projects, work with your friends, or just explore some more!

Open Night – August 7, 2014

27 Arduino workshop_FB_cropped

Thursday August 7 – 6-8PM

Clippinger 045

One last evening for anyone who wants to hang out, ask questions, or complete projects. We will have the Legos and K’nex out as well as other projects. If you are working to tune up your CArduino, insectbot, or Arduino project, this is a good time to touch base!