Summer 2017 – Starting up June 8

Maker Cart from Teacher Geek

As summer ramps up, we are looking to start AthensMakers activities on Thursday June 8 from 6-8PM in Clippinger 036. As a reminder this is available for youth from 6th grade (rising 6th graders) on up through high school and parents are encouraged to hang out and join in as well. Our plan is to meet at least every Thursday through early August. We’ve got a great group of volunteers helping with ideas, and we will be collaborating for a number of evenings with the Ohio Valley Museum of Discovery as we explore some of the Discovery Pack workshops being developed through a grant from the State Farm Youth Advisory Board.

We are looking to start this summer with an introduction to the new “Maker Cart” purchased by the Ohio Valley Museum of Discovery through the State Farm grant. The cart is on loan to the Makers through the summer as we all (adults included!) explore a wide range of possible projects. If you want a sneak preview, you can head to and check out the cart and project ideas. We will start by trying out the air cars, powered and unpowered, as a way of getting used to the tools and supplies.

This will be a learning experience for all of us as we try to figure out how to best handle the use of the carts for future sessions. While we are looking into some way of letting participants purchase their creations for roughly the cost of materials, we need to presume that at this point projects will stay in the lab and be recycled for parts for future projects.