Artemis Space Ship Bridge Simulator Game Night – Saturday July 7, 5PM-

Ever wondered what it might be like to work on the bridge of space ship?
Come join us for a special Saturday evening playing Artemis.

Artemis is a Spaceship bridge simulator game, where multiple people staff each ship bridge (a full bridge includes a captain, helmsman, weapons, officer, engineer, science officer and communications officer). Basically think “Star Trek”. Up to 8 ships can play off of one server. It can be a lot of fun, but it does require multiple people to play. Information about the game can be found at

I have reserved Schoonover 450 for the event. This is a large room with lots of monitors down the middle of the room. All of the makers are invited, including parents and other you think might be interested.

We will cart over a pile of laptops from physics  and anyone who has
a windows-based laptop can bring their own if they’d like. The software will be made available, but will need to be removed at the end of the evening.

For the afficianados, the intention is to use version 2.7.1 (the latest) unless we have a bunch of people wanting to play on iOS or Android (we then have to back down to 2.4).

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.